Man Utd star lacks 'the fundamental basics of football' as Erik ten Hag sent stern warning

Ten Hag said: “I was convinced about that from the first moment in pre-season. He impressed me and I knew already before that he was a magnificent talent and player.

“He showed in every training session he’s positive, has good energy and in pre- season he was good. I hope he will carry on like this and be positive and, with his movements, he will create chances, the team will create him chances and he has to believe that the team will do that.

“Then it’s about getting the right finish, but I’m convinced that he can stay with that belief. I think he can play every role, as you saw last Monday [against Liverpool].

“But I think it was really good to make that substitution, with Anthony Martial and moving Marcus to the left, because we know his inside runs are really dangerous and we saw that with the second goal.”

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