Marriage star Sean Bean defends BBC series as fans blast 'boring' Nicola Walker drama

“Marriage went through all of the normal sound checks prior to broadcast and pre your enquiry we haven’t received any complaints,” a spokesperson told the Daily Mirror.

The third instalment of Marriage is set to air on Sunday, followed by the finale on Monday.

Despite the backlash, there were plenty of positive comments on social media, with many praising Nicola and Sean for their stellar performances.

User @towngirl36 penned: “Absolutely loved #marriage #bbc Thought it was fabulous. Watched all 4 episodes back to back. Hoping there’ll be a 2nd series.”

Zoe said: “I really enjoyed #Marriage on BBC One. The direction and acting were great, and I’m 100% a Mike Leigh (& Nicola Walker) kind of person, but I find so much power in honest and empathetic depictions of ordinary (messy, complicated) people. What is most personal is most universal.” (sic)

Marriage returns on Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.

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