Matt Goss got 'b****y humbled' on first day of Strictly training but still 'wants to win'

The smartly dressed, smooth talking singer is back in the UK following an 11-year residency in Las Vegas.

Along with making a new home in London’s Kensington, Matt is also bringing out a new solo album, titled The Beautiful Unknown.

Explaining that he has further been “humbled” by the reaction of the British public on his return to the country, and to the news that he will appear on the popular BBC dancing programme, Matt said that he feels “really blessed” to be a part of it.

“I will say coming back from America, I’m only about four weeks outside of Strictly, there’s just the relationship with the British public that makes me feel very very at home and it’s actually quite needed for me and I do definitely feel settled by that reaction,” he said.

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