Max Verstappen in furious meltdown as Red Bull deny star run at pole position

Max Verstappen hit back at his team in a radio meltdown after engineers demanded the Dutchman to abort his final qualifying run. Verstappen looked on course for pole position after going almost one second faster than Charles Leclerc over the first two sectors.

However, Red Bull engineers told Verstappen to pit as he was coming round the final section. This meant the reigning champion was unable to cross the line and challenge for the front row. 

Verstappen had a meltdown moments later, swearing at his mechanics for not explaining what was wrong. He said: “Why, why? What the f***, what the f*** are you guys saying? unbelievable mate. I don’t get it what the f*** is this about?”

Verstappen’s race engineer Gianpiero Lambiase came over the radio moments later to reassure the Dutchman they would discuss the issue after the session. At the chequered flag, Martin Brundle predicted the issue could be down to a lack of fuel. 

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