Meet Liverpool's 11-year-old 'guest' Beau invited by Alisson and Klopp to lift Carabao Cup

Beau Brown Liverpool

11-year-old Beau Brown lived the dream as he lifted the Carabao Cup with his Liverpool heroes (Image: Twitter)

A trip back north to Merseyside from Anfield South, a half-day at school, an evening training session at Derry Mathews Boxing Academy and a Sky Sports News appearance pencilled in for the morning. It was just another Monday for Beau Brown, an 11-year-old, happy-go-lucky, young Scouser who lived the dream. He is Liverpool’s very own VIP.

As Jurgen Klopp’s triumphant Reds made the never-ending climb to collect their first piece of domestic since 2012, quick-witted Beau was already plotting his next move.

Slipping off from his dad Terrance and older brother, the savvy Year 6 pupil snuck his way a few rows down at Club Wembley to catch a closer glimpse of his Liverpool heroes, following their dramatic 11-10 Carabao Cup final penalty-shootout success over Chelsea.

Yet if it wasn’t for an accidental head clash during a kick-about for L4 Barca Under-11s, Beau may never have got his hands on the trophy – or shared laughs with his idol Virgil van Dijk and Mohamed Salah.

“So I have a black eye and Alisson noticed and asked me about it,” the confident youngster, who has been the talk of the classroom, explains to Express Sport on the loudspeaker of his dad’s phone.


Beau was pictured in between Jurgen Klopp and Alisson as they lifted the trophy (Image: GETTY)

“That’s how I got talking to him. I just said, ‘I was playing footy, I went for a header and headed the kid’s head instead of the ball!’

“Then he lifted me up and took me with the team, I just felt like a player to be honest.

“Jurgen asked me about it too and Virgil and Mo Salah were laughing at me. Then they all shook my hand.”

Yet brave centre-back Beau, who is in his final year of primary school and represents Liverpool Schools FA, was not satisfied with simply watching Jordan Henderson and his team-mates lift the trophy from close quarters.

“I wanted to get my hands on the trophy and I knew I was going to get my hands on the trophy,” he adds.

“It was dead heavy! It felt like I was lifting weights up.”

Due to an obstructed view, it wasn’t until proud father Terrance’s phone went into overdrive, that he realised the full extent of what had just happened.

“It was crazy, absolutely crazy,” he says. “Where we [Beau’s older brother was also in attendance] were standing, we couldn’t really see it but where people were firing the WhatsApps to me, I was like ‘wow’.

“I didn’t realise he lifted the trophy properly – like all the other players.

“Initially, Alisson was sort of standing back because he didn’t play. Beau got speaking to him, he was sort of hanging over him and he put him on the concourse.


Beau got his hands on the Carabao Cup as his hero Virgil van Dijk laughed (Image: Sky Sports)

Beau says the trophy

Beau says the trophy was “dead heavy” and felt “like lifting weights” (Image: Sky Sports)

“Alisson then walked him along with all of the players, it was like a dream come true.

“I had 100s and 100s of messages. By the time my phone come on, my battery had gone.”

While Beau is full of beans after boxing training, he goes sheepishly quiet when quizzed on his other cameo in the spotlight earlier this season.

At full-time of Liverpool’s 2-0 Champions League group stage victory over Porto at Anfield in late November, the fleet-footed youngster hopped the advertising boards, nabbed the match-ball and made a beeline for the stands after successfully evading the stewards.

Beau Liverpool Porto

Beau was given a firm telling off for hopping on the pitch for Liverpool vs Porto (Image: GETTY)

Not his son’s finest hour, according to his dad Terrance, who insists all is now forgotten after Sunday’s star-of-the-show performance on the Wembley catwalk, following a slap on the wrist.

“Yeah, I’m not too happy about it [Porto],” he admits, after acknowledging the viral footage is indeed his son.

“He’s been given a firm telling off about that but he’s back in the good books again now.”

Hardly shy and sharp as a tack, remember the name: Beau Brown – Liverpool’s lucky little opportunist, who has made memories to last a lifetime.

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