Meghan and Harry faced with 'bigger problem' as Sussexes refuse to 'rebrand themselves'

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry should “draw a line” under their legal battles and “rebrand themselves,” according to royal expert Neil Sean. This comes after Prince Harry’s decision last week to file a second lawsuit focused on the refusal to let him pay privately for police protection. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean told viewers that this move could backfire on the Sussexes.

He said that the Sussexes’ refusal to “rebrand’ was leading to a “bigger problem” for the couple.

Mr Sean said: “We have Prince Harry attacking the British Metropolitan Police and Her Majesty’s Government with a second installment of litigation.

“You do think, who advises these people?

“Draw a line under it, and move on.”

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He continued: “Rebrand yourself, recreate yourself, with a more positive note.

“Seemingly, they don’t wish to do that.

“And this is now the bigger problem for Meghan Markle and Harry.”

Lawyers for Harry argue that he was forced to limit visits to the UK as his US security team does not have “adequate jurisdiction” here.

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