Meghan Markle invests heavily in health as Duchess' '£45k lifestyle costs' laid bare

The Duchess of Sussex has become known for her interest in all things concerning mental and physical wellness and now Hello has estimated the cost of her healthy lifestyle. Prince Harry’s wife has long praised the work of “yoga, the beach or a few avocados” but, of course, living in Los Angeles means there are also a few added extras to her regime which do not come cheap.

On her blog The Tig, which is no longer in use, the Duchess said: “I was born and raised in Los Angeles, a California girl who lives by the ethos that most things can be cured with either yoga, the beach, or a few avocados.”

Other elements of the Duchess’ wellbeing plan include Megaforma pilates, vitamins and sweat sessions.

Megaformer pilates is a high-intensity workout which has a low impact on your body and Meghan has previously said it is “the best thing you could do for your body”.

She credited the classes run at Pilates Platinum, a studio owned by her friend Heather Dorak in California, with “immediately changing her body”.

Speaking to Women’s Health, she said that after taking a couple of classes, which cost $1,020 (£745) for 12 private sessions, “your body changes immediately”.

She added: “Give it two classes and you will see a difference.”

From her time in London, the Duchess attended Heartcore classes at £30 per session or £2,340 per year with a monthly pass.

As her blog mentioned, Meghan is a huge fan of yoga and while at Frogmore Cottage she got a yoga studio installed.

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“I blend some apple, kale, spinach, lemon, and ginger in my Vitamix in the morning, and I always find that sipping on that is a much better boost than a cup of espresso.”

The Vitamix Ascent 2300i multipurpose blender can be purchased at Selfridges for £499.

In order to detoxify, Meghan is a fan of sweating out toxins in a sauna as she told The Chalkboard about her love of “sitting in an infrared sauna and sweat out all the toxins”.

In London, it was reported that she frequented Glow Bar’s infrared sauna costing £45 for 45 minutes meaning a weekly session over a year would cost £2,340.

Added to her routine is also acupuncture, journaling, cupping therapy, taking probiotics, therapy, and LED light therapy.

According to estimations worked out by Hello this means the total cost to get the Duchess’ health and wellbeing routine is £45,127.

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