Meghan Markle’s entrance to royal scene was a ‘wake up call’ for Kate and Prince William

Meghan Markle’s entrance to the Royal Family resulted in Kate and William needing to “up their game”, according to a new book. When she was welcomed into the family, Meghan, Harry, Kate and William quickly earned the nickname the “Fab Four”. The Duchess of Sussex was also brought on board to join the Royal Foundation alongside her husband-to-be and her new in-laws, the now-Prince and Princess of Wales.

They would then take part in a forum and Q&A session for the foundation, during which they gave an update on their various charitable projects. However, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl in her new book The New Royals, Meghan’s approach to royal life was as much of a shock to William and Kate, as the royal life proved to be for the Duchess.

According to Ms Nicholl, a source claimed this engagement was a “wake-up moment” for William and Kate, following Meghan’s confident showing during the event. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were left realising they needed to “up their game”.

She writes: “The Cambridges had already signalled their intention to be more than ‘ornamental royals’ and had, along with Harry, made a huge success of their mental health campaign Heads Together. But Meghan was the breakout star of the foursome.

“She was polished, passionate and funny, using all her TV-honed skills to present her case.

“‘That was a wake-up moment for William and Kate when they realised that Meghan was very impressive, very confident and very capable’, according to a source.”

But Meghan would prove to be the catalyst for a rift between William and Harry. Their relationship reportedly became frosty after William expressed concern to Harry over how fast he was moving with Meghan ahead of their royal wedding in 2018.

The Duke of Sussex would later claim his brother was “trapped” within the royal system, during his explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey. The relationship between the brothers has been thrust into the spotlight once again during the events surrounding the Queen’s death.

The “Fab Four” were seen together again as they admired floral tributes near Windsor Castle – an event that reportedly came about as a result of an invitation from William.

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The event spurred royal fans to hypothesise that there may be a rekindling of their relationship in the near future – but, as Royal commentator Daniela Elser pointed out, there was very little interaction between the two couples.

She wrote: “Take the lack of a repeat of the sort of scene we saw in April 2021 after the funeral of Prince Philip when Princes William and Harry staged their own PR pas a deux, largely it appeared, for the cameras. Still, they managed to make small talk as they made their way back up the hill from St George’s Chapel to Windsor Castle without descending into hair pulling and managed to not scowl in one another’s company.

“No matter how genuine or not the moment might have been, the men clearly cared enough to put on a show. Less than 18 months later, for their grandmother’s funeral, the lack of any sort of repeat performance would seem to reflect the extent of the disintegration of the brothers’ once tight bond. The same holds for Kate and Meghan who, as far as I saw, did not exchange one single, solitary word to one another.”

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The brothers also stood shoulder to shoulder during a solemn procession from Buckingham Palace to ­Westminster Hall last week, guiding Her Majesty on a final journey before her lying in state. But in a striking picture taken on the day of the Queen’s funeral, the divisions in the family were laid bare as Prince Harry walked on the outside of the King and his heir.

One royal insider told the Mirror’s Jennifer Newton: “The family continue to be in mourning and are now finally being allowed to grieve for the Queen away from the gaze of millions. However, any talk of a truce between the Prince and the Duke would only be temporary.

“There is still a serious amount of distrust in the air and there hasn’t been any cause for that to change. The feeling is very much that there is little point in pursuing a repair in relations until all the cards are on the table.”

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