Meghan 'thought she'd be Britain's Beyoncé' but rules blocked her, claims ex-aide

Meghan Markle believed she was “going to be the Beyoncé of the UK” when she married into the Royal Family, a former Buckingham Palace aide has claimed. The anonymous source told The Times’s Valentine Low that the Duchess of Sussex, 41, believed her new status within the British monarchy “would give her that kudos”.

The royal correspondent quoted the source as claiming: “What [Meghan] discovered was that there were so many rules that were so ridiculous that she couldn’t even do the things that she could do as a private individual, which is tough.

“It just required the decision-makers to sit around a table and say, ‘OK, what are we going to do about this? What do you need to feel better? And what can we give?’”

Mr Low then described “another view”, where the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would have always been unable to reconcile with the Firm.

They described the rift as “inevitable”, and a functioning relationship with the Duke and Duchess in the fold as an “impossible task”.

Mr Low described “five scenarios” as being on the table for the Duke and Duchess’s departure from royal life.

He described a “positive atmosphere” in the negotiations of how much time the couple would dedicate to official engagements versus their private endeavours.

He claimed the overriding sentiment was there could be no half-measures, in which the Duke and Duchess retained royal privileges without the accompanying expectations placed on senior royals.

The Duke and Duchess have scarcely returned to the UK since their withdrawal from royal life.

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They attended a special service at St Paul’s Cathedral during the extended weekend, but remained largely out of sight for many of the weekend’s events.

A spokesperson for the couple then announced they would return to the UK in September in a visit dedicated to charities “close to their hearts”.

During the visit to the UK, it was announced that the Queen was under medical supervision at Balmoral.

Prince Harry then travelled to the Royal Family’s Scottish estate, but it is understood he arrived after his grandmother had died.

Following the news of the late monarch’s death, the Duke and Duchess shocked crowds in Windsor as they stepped out with Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales.

The Duke and Duchess then attended a service in honour of the Queen at Westminster Hall following the transfer of her coffin to Westminster Hall.

They both looked visibly upset as during the Queen’s state funeral on Monday, when they joined the rest of the Royal Family for the service.

Representatives for the Duchess of Sussex have been contacted for comment.

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