Menopause weight loss: Beat belly fat with 'important' tips – 'it’s crucial'

2. Cut back on calories

When it comes to age, a person’s metabolism starts to slow down considerably and that means “every bite counts”.

To fend off extra pounds, Dr Garcia suggested a good rule of thumb is to consume about “200 fewer calories a day” than you normally would.

This advice is backed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, which reveals it “will keep your sluggish metabolism from getting the best of you”.

3. Keep a food log

If a person tracks what they eat on a daily basis this can increase awareness of how much they’re consuming.

This in turn can help reduce mindless munching, and Dr Debra DeJoseph suggests downloading an app to help.

“Just be sure to enter your intake in real time while you’re eating, rather than at the end of the day by recall,” she said.

“If you wait until later, you’ll be less likely to accurately enter your foods.”

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