Microsoft issues important email warning as Outlook users suffer from frustrating glitch

If you’re waiting for a message to arrive in your Outlook inbox then you are not alone. It appears this popular service has been hit by some major gremlins this afternoon which means users are facing lengthy delays when trying to send and receive emails.

The issues, which started at around 1 pm today, have left thousands of Outlook customers complaining about the problems with one unhappy user named Tony tweeting: “First no trains and now Microsoft Outlook is down.”

Down Detector, which monitors outages across the globe has revealed a steady stream of Outlook users being hit by the glitch with some 400 reports a minute being logged. The problems are ongoing with Microsoft now confirming that it is aware of the technical difficulties and is working on a fix. Posting a message online, the US tech firm said: “Some users may be unable to access their mailboxes via any connection method

“We’ve identified that our traffic management infrastructure is not working as expected. We’re continuing to monitor the service availability as it improves, while we determine the root cause.”

Whilst the issues are ongoing Microsoft has confirmed that users may be unable to access their mailboxes via any connection method and users may also encounter delays sending, receiving or accessing email messages.


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