Moment Boris Johnson walks off and almost drags wife Carrie straight into lamp post – VID

The now former Prime Minister Boris Johnson almost got his wife Carrie knocked out by a lamppost while on he was on his way to a cab waiting for the couple. Mr Johnson dragged Carrie away when she was still trying to wave goodbye to a crowd of people. Seconds before hitting the lamppost, she noticed it and walked away from it, seemingly dragged by Mr Johnson.

Boris Johnson was bidding farewell to the crowd, with Carrie kissing goodbye. But the former Prime Minister made an abrupt exit, holding Carrie by the hand and dragging her to the cab waiting for them.

Turning back one last time to the crowd, Carrie seemed to be about to hit the lamppost but steered clear from it at the very last minute.

The couple then proceeded to be photographed in Mr Johnson’s very last moment as Prime Minister before getting into the Land Rover. Footage shows the car leaving Downing Street and making its way towards the exit under a ray of radiant sunshine.

The near miss happened after Boris Johnson paid a final farewell to the British people as Prime Minister.

In his final speech, Boris Johnson praised his track record as Prime Minister for “getting Brexit done”, rolling out the COVID-19 vaccine programme, and resisting Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine.

He hailed his Government’s record on the economy, claiming unemployment figures are now lower than at any time since he was “about 10 years old and bouncing around on a space hopper”.

He expressed confidence in his “compassionate” successor Liz Truss and said she would get the nation through the energy crisis.

Now, the former Prime Minister is heading to Aberdeen, the first leg of his journey to Balmoral to visit the Queen.

Mr Johnson is expected to meet the Queen as well as Liz Truss who will be sworn in as the new Prime Minister.

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