Monaco’s Prince Albert urged to be ‘honest’ about wife Charlene’s health battle

Charlene, 44, is back in Monaco after a prolonged absence due to her health, the Palace confirmed on Saturday. The royal’s return follows her stay at a medical centre outside the principality for four months. The former Olympic swimmer started treatment for “physical and emotional exhaustion” in November after her family staged an intervention-style meeting. Charlene’s husband Albert confirmed the treatment, which came after Charlene returned from South Africa, where she grew up.

The deputy editor of Royal Central discussed the lack of information about Monaco’s princess with

She said: “There are still so many questions regarding this – What caused her to almost die?

“There are so many questions that I don’t know if we’ll ever get the answers to because of how private the Princely Palace is.

“Of course, that is going to lead to more rumours and speculation about all kinds of different things – marriage, mental health.

“So, in all honesty, it would probably be best if the Princely Palace came out and was honest and said, ‘This is exactly what happened. She is getting treatment for this’.

The confirmation of her care came just days after she arrived back in Monaco from South Africa.

The trip had been planned as only a 10-day visit, but complications from an ear, nose and throat infection forced Charlene to remain in the country for six months as she recovered from corrective surgeries.

The Princess also collapsed during a public engagement as part of the trip and was rushed to hospital in Durban.

Ms Barger said: “Prince Albert’s discussion with People magazine gave a few details, but it was still mysterious.

“He mentioned her physical and mental health, but he asked for privacy and vowed it was nothing to do with their marriage.

“But I think if they would just be more open and come out and say what was going on, that would answer so many questions that everyone has.

“It’s not just people in Monaco. This has gotten to where it’s a global thing.”

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