Monkeypox fears grow as Germany orders 40,000 vaccines to help combat spread

For the moment officials are relying on other precautionary measures, such as an isolation period of 21 days for those infected, to keep numbers down.

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said at a press conference on Tuesday that they hoped this would be enough for the time being.

He reassured that this did not translate to a pandemic on the same scale as that of COVID-19 and the outbreak could be contained.

He said: “If infections spread further we will want to be prepared for possible ring vaccinations that are not yet recommended at this point but might become necessary.”

His advice was echoed by the World Health Organisation, who said on Monday that mass vaccinations would not be needed as measures like hygiene and safe sex would protect people.

So far, five cases have been registered in Germany, with all those infected being men.

Monkeypox is endemic to parts of western and central Africa, yet there are currently over 250 confirmed and suspected cases around the world.

The US has said they already have 1,000 doses of the Bavarian Nordic vaccine in stock but they expect to acquire more in the coming weeks.

The vaccine is approved to treat monkeypox and smallpox, a previously serious disease which was eradicated in the 20th century through a comprehensive vaccination programme.

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He added: “Our immunity level is almost zero.

“People aged 50 and above are likely to be immune but the rest of us not, so we are very, very susceptible.”

Dr Breban believes monkeypox can be contained and has proposed a vaccination programme for countries where it is endemic, reported The Guardian.

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