More than one million electric vehicles registered in 'important milestone' for UK

During what is typically the second biggest month of the year for the sector, 225,269 cars joined Britain’s roads. The one millionth plug-in electric car has been registered, with 249,575 joining the roads in 2022 alone, according to new data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Electric vehicle uptake continued to rise, albeit at a slower rate of growth than seen earlier in the year, with the second highest monthly volume of battery electric vehicle registrations in history, up 16.5 percent to 38,116 units.

The Tesla Model Y placed as the second most popular EV in September, selling 8,315 models, almost half of its yearly total.

The “new plate” month figures are up 4.6 percent on last September but still a staggering -34.4 percent behind 2019.

Overall registrations for the month are still far below pre-pandemic levels as the industry continues to battle issues constraining supply to fulfil a backlog of orders.

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“Yet, significant challenges lie ahead. EV drivers face a hike in charging costs and further clarity is needed on company car tax tables beyond 2025 to give fleet managers the confidence they need to make long-term purchasing decisions. 

“All eyes will be on the Government in the months ahead to ensure that the goodwill and progress made along the road to zero already this year doesn’t start to stall.”

According to the Climate Change Committee, to reach net zero by 2050, all vehicles – including HGVs – will need to be fossil fuel free.

For passenger vehicles and vans, this will mean accelerating the uptake of EVs to 23.2 million by 2032, representing 55 percent of all vehicles.

This should be followed by 49 million vehicles by 2050 for the UK to meet net zero aims.

John Wilmot, CEO of LeaseLoco, issued a warning regarding the SMMT figures, saying that the Government needs to do more to support net zero aims.

He added: “It was disappointing, but inevitable, that the Government wouldn’t use the mini-Budget as an opportunity to announce measures to support a beleaguered car industry.

“It’s clear though from the latest new car sales’ figures where any Government support needs to be targeted and it has to happen immediately.

“One million electric vehicles registered makes great headlines, but without full Government commitment to its Net Zero strategy, momentum will be lost.

“And the next six months will be critical to maintain that momentum, as buyer demand comes under increased pressure with the higher costs of running an electric car under the spotlight as energy prices have spiralled.”

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