'Motherland was attacked' Russia pundit loses it over losses as he demands all-out war

Russian film director and former lawmaker Vladimir Bortko has launched a furious rant on national TV calling the sinking of Russia’s warship Moskva a real “casus belli” for all-out war against Ukraine. During the angry tirade, Mr Bortko insisted the ‘Motherland was attacked’ and demanded Vladimir Putin use even greater military force against Ukrainians. 


Mr Bortko told Russian state TV: “Even the fact there is an attack against our territory is casus belli.

“An absolute cause for war.

“For real, no fooling around, without any…what is it called? What are we waging right now?”

“Russia’s special military operation,” offered the presenter. 

Mr Bortko blasted: “The special military operation has ended!”

“It ended last night when our motherland was attacked.

The host asked: “When you say last night, do you mean the flagship Moskva?”

She continued: “What you are talking about war, you mean total mobilisation?”

It comes after the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet has sunk after what Kyiv said was a Ukrainian missile strike.

Kyiv says it hit the cruiser Moskva with missiles fired from the coast. R

Russia said the ship sank while being towed in stormy seas after a fire caused by an explosion of ammunition. Moscow said more than 500 sailors had been evacuated. 

Although Russia did not confirm that Ukrainian missiles had hit the ship, early on Friday it struck what it described as a factory in Kyiv that made and repaired anti-ship missiles, in apparent retaliation.

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