Motorists advised of quick fix as frost warning could lead to expensive car repairs

Further sub-zero temperatures are forecast for this weekend as some meteorologists have even said some parts of the UK could experience temperatures as low as minus three degrees. With the temperatures expected to stay low, drivers are being urged to make sure their cars are in a road legal state before they set off on their journey.

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, warned drivers: “Make sure wipers are not stuck to the windscreen.

“If your windscreen wipers are stuck to the glass owing to freezing conditions, then you can inadvertently cause damage to the wiper motor or blades, or even blow a fuse which controls other systems, if you try to operate them in this situation.

“You should always make sure that wipers are not stuck to the windscreen before you drive away.

“If you have automatic wipers, make sure they are turned off when you park so they do not come on straight away when you start the car.

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It can also scratch the surface of your windshield requiring premature replacement – a potentially expensive repair.

Lorna Connelly, Head of Claims at Admiral, also warned drivers to be safe in the cold weather.

She said: “It’s no surprise that the winter months are some of the most challenging for driving.

“Our data shows that the highest number of accident claims happen in winter months – in fact nine of the 10 of the worst days to drive are between December and February.

“Hearing cold weather reports on the news is an immediate red flag that we drivers need to prepare for trickier conditions.

“Colder weather can cause driving conditions we’re not used to, so it’s worth brushing up on how to drive when the elements are against us.

“Our winter driving guide gives the full low-down on driving in ice and snow, from whether or not to steer into the skid to how to safely ease out of the snow without burying your wheels even deeper.”

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