Mrs Hinch's top tips for a clean bedroom – 'quickest' way to do 'nightmare' chore

To make the bed smell fresh, here’s Mrs Hinch’s “lush” tip: “give the whole bed a quick spritz with a spray bottle full of your fave fabric softener and water mix.”

Mrs Hinch knows that the bedside cabinet can be a pix n mix of all sorts of items, and while it’s fine to have the odd “random lip balm” or stray kirby grip in there – “mind you, I seem to find kirby grips everywhere”, it’s worth keeping these draws relatively under control.

“If it gets to the point where the drawers don’t open and close easily, I know it’s time for a clear-out. I don’t know how it happens, but those little drawers seem to magically fill up without you realising.”

For more storage space, Mrs Hinch swears by “bargain eBay storage”, which looks “pretty” stacked in the corner of the bedroom.

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