'Never down and out' Queen gives viewers 'goosebumps' as she waves during Platinum Pageant

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations have seen the nation come together over the last four days to look back on her 70 years on the throne. On Sunday, the Platinum Pageant saw the grand finale look back through decades of music and media. Queen Elizabeth II made a surprise appearance on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, joined by her family. Viewers took to their social media to applaud Her Majesty and reveal how emotional they felt.

@Hello_Lois commented: “Aw, absolute fair play to HRH coming out #PlatinumJubileePageant.”

@liamandrews123 said: “Awww, Liz on the balcony has me teared up #PlatinumJubileePageant.”

@JoJo_P_81 praised: “Doesn’t things like this make you so be proud to be British. I love our Queen #PlatinumJubileePageant.”

@ItsCarisHere added: “The Queen looks rather emotional, lovely to see all the future heirs together #PlatinumJubileePageant.”

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@Lid_Sheehan tweeted: “Actually got emotional then. What a lovely way to end the weekend. #PlatinumJubileePageant.”

@AnujRadia applauded: “I got goosebumps and slightly emotional when the Queen came on the balcony. Don’t know why I just did. #PlatinumPageant.” (sic)

As she made her way onto the balcony, BBC presenter Kirsty Young narrated: “This is the moment when London, when the UK, when the Commonwealth says thank you to Her Majesty.

“She is out on the balcony of Buckingham Palace with the Cambridges and their children to look at the scene before her.

Back in the studio, Kirsty was joined by Robert Hardman, who said: “That is one of the great scenes in the modern story of our life and as a nation.

“It is all about family, the most famous woman in the world going back inside the most famous residence in the world, but just underlining what she means to the planet.”

Kirsty added: “There has been a sense certainly this weekend that yes, we in Britain we are grateful and we feel proud.

“But so many guests and many performers from around the world connect with what is essentially a very British moment for us.

“I wonder about the key to the Queen’s emphatic ability, the fact she is never down and out, there she is again.

“There she was today, resplendent, looking happy, looking healthy, looking full of vigour.”

The pageant’s 3km route took a similar one taken by the Queen at her coronation in 1953 and celebrated 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Platinum Pageant is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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