Never Have I Ever boss details reason for Devi and Paxton split: 'Wasn't able to believe

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she continued: “That is truly the impetus for this storyline because I think everyone, at least in our writers’ room, was like, ‘Yeah, I was a maniac and there was no way I could possibly ever have a reasonable relationship [at that age] because I was just too insecure.’”

Shortly after Devi and Paxton broke up, he quickly moved on and got a new girlfriend. 

Although, she was heartbroken Devi pretended she was fine and attended a party she knew they would be at, to act like she didn’t care. 

This is where she met Des, the two hit it off as he offered to help Devi make Paxton jealous and by the end of it the two had even begun dating in secret.

Never Have I Ever is available on Netflix 

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