New driving law tells motorists to 'stop and wait' for cyclists as accidents may increase

“Since 2018, we have helped 6,302 pedestrians and 3,853 cyclists to make a claim, after being injured in a road accident – totalling more than 2,500 claims a year.

“The new rules provide important guidance and will almost certainly be used by courts in deciding who is at fault for an accident or whether a criminal offence has been committed.

“It’s also important for all road users to be aware of the changes, if they are involved in a road or traffic accident, they could be eligible to make a claim under the new rules – particularly pedestrians and cyclists.

“In order to help keep road users safe, especially those classed as more vulnerable, we’d strongly recommend that the public familiarise themselves with the new laws, ahead of January 29, and be vigilant to those who are at a higher risk of being injured.”

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