Nico Rosberg has Ferrari 'worry' after Max Verstappen beats Charles Leclerc to Imola pole

Nico Rosberg has warned Sunday’s race could be ‘difficult’ for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc as Max Verstappen took victory in the sprint. The 2016 champion claimed the Ferrari’s tyre degradation was ‘very big’ at the end of the race which handed Verstappen an advantage.

In the closing stages, the Dutchman was able to close on Leclerc by around two-tenths per lap as the Ferrari’s tyres struggled for grip. Rosberg told Sky Sports F1: “That certainly is quite a worry for Ferrari because the tyre degradation was very big at the end there and the lap time difference between the two was quite significant.

“That will make it difficult for them tomorrow. And Verstappen, that is just typical, so relentless and that is why he is one of those guys that you least want to see in your rear views rears going bigger and bigger because that guy is going attack giving it 100 per cent.”

Verstappen was beaten off the line by Leclerc and initially appeared to struggle to keep up with the current championship leader.

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“The pace was good until then, we started to have some draining on the front left and lost it towards the end. That’s life, we’ll go to work and come back stronger tomorrow.”

Verstappen added: “Yeah the start was really bad, I don’t know why, maybe too much wheelspin. I think Charles ran out of tyres, today it worked out for us to be on this compound but I don’t know about tomorrow.

“I’m of course happy about today, but tomorrow might be a bit different.”

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