Nigel Farage confronts angry lefty protestor in heated street row 'Talking nonsense!'

Nigel Farage has confronted a left-wing activist who attempted to talk down the former Brexit Party leader outside a conference in Australia. Mr Farage later posted a video of the encounter on social media describing the protestor as having been speaking “nonsense.”

Mr Farage confronted the protestor and told the masked man off for using “foul language.”

In response, the left-wing activist called the former Brexit Party leader “racist” and “Islamophobic”

“Oh right, is that because you haven’t got an argument,” replied Mr Farage.

“Our argument is fascists aren’t welcome here,” slammed the activist. 

“As you are so intellectual define a fascist for me,” countered Mr Farage.

“Far-right scum like yourself,” replied the protestor.

“Racist and anti-queer, people who want to organise as the far-right,” he continued.

Mr Farage proceeded to ask if the man had attended the conference he was protesting, who admitted he had not. 

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