'Nine TIMES cheaper!' Boris unveils UK sitting on energy goldmine to thwart Vladimir Putin

Households in Britain are facing the worst effects of an energy crisis, as the price of wholesale gas shoots through the roof following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Since then, European countries have been to end their reliance on Russian gas imports. in a speech today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on the UK to harness a goldmine of energy resources that it currently many times cheaper than gas.


He said: “We’re now racing towards our target of 50GW of offshore wind by 2030.

“50GW is probably half the electricity consumption of the country from offshore wind.

“Offshore wind is now the cheapest form of electricity in this country. Offshore wind is nine times cheaper than gas with the insanity of what Putin has done. 

“That way it entirely makes sense for us to be more self reliant. It is also entirely clean and green. 

“Renewables are not only important for us to defeat climate change, they’re helping keep bills lower now.”

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