'No action!' Madeley rips into Truss as he blasts 'stuck' government over lack of aid

“Then the shouts for help got louder and then this, ‘Yeah we are coming’, we are just not seeing any action, you keep saying the efforts to think about the problem, but no one is making any decisions at all.”

Truss began to explain: “I have outlined the steps that we have already taken in terms of fuel duty and household -“

However, Madeley interrupted: “That was ages ago! We are talking about now.”

“It was a few weeks ago, Richard,” Truss tried to defend but Madeley pressed on: “Yes, and inflation has shot up since then.

“As Susanna said, the landscape is changing under your feet (and) it calls for swift action, swift policies, this is a very fast-moving situation, and you seem to be stuck.”

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