'No chance!' Ex-Tory voter issues dire warning as party future bleak without key change

Former Conservative voter and former chairman of Monmouth Conservative Association Roy Garner dismissed the possibility the Conservative Party will secure another mandate at the next general election. He claimed Tories “are very fortunate that they’ve got no opposition” and forecast a possible “opening for the Reform and UK Independence Party” at the next general ballot. Referring to his recent decision to leave the party, he added “I left the Conservative Party, but actually I believe that the Conservative Party left me”. He argued Tories have been “anything other than Conservatives and have lost all of the basics”.

Asked whether the party could win at the next general election, Mr Garner told GB News: “As they stand now, no chance.

“They’re very fortunate that they’ve got no opposition.”

He explained: “The Labour Party has no credibility whatsoever.

“The Liberal Democrats, well, they’re Liberal Democrats and have not been in power for many years.

“I think there’s an opening now for the grouping like the Reform Party.

“Independents, I think they’re more likely to come through the next election.

“The political call has lost an awful lot of trust.”

He continued: “I’m no longer a member.

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