'No end to his ghastliness?' Lorraine Kelly blasts Prince Andrew over 'fraudster' claims

Prince Andrew, 62, is allegedly facing a new High Court battle due to claims he was given more than £1 million on the orders of a former Goldman Sachs banker, who was accused of swindling a woman out of her fortune. Lorraine Kelly, 62, has taken to Twitter to hit out at the Prince’s “ghastliness” amid these fresh allegations.

Lorraine was responding to a news article, in which the headline read: “Duke took £1m from Turkish ‘fraudster’.”

Fleetstreekfox retweeted the headline with the caption: “Turning up at the memorial went well then.”

Lorraine then replied in view of her 690,200 Twitter followers: “Is there no end to this man’s ghastliness???”

Many social media users took to the post’s comments to share their view on the Prince.

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The Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have been named in the legal case brought by Isbilen, who claims she lost £40 million after being conned by Selman Turk.

Nebehat claims she needed help to get her assets out of Turkey, where she says her husband is a political prisoner, and paid a £750,000 “gift” to the Duke, believing she was paying for assistance in getting a passport.

A further payment of £350,000 was allegedly made to Prince Andrew, and £225,000 is said to have been transferred to his ex-wife.

She claims Selman was responsible for directing payments, at a time when he was claiming to work on her behalf.


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Selman was given a People’s Choice Award in 2019 through Prince Andrew’s [email protected] entrepreneurship programme, at a lavish ceremony at St James’s Palace.

Lorraine has spoken out on Prince Andrew’s conduct previously, most recently at the Queen’s decision to have the Duke at the front of Prince Philip’s memorial service.

Looking back at the service at Westminster Abbey, Lorraine began on Wednesday: “Right up until the last minute we didn’t know whether she [the Queen] was going to make it.

“It was fantastic that she was well enough to go. But, lots of people are saying, ‘Why did she have Andrew escorting her in?’

“What’s going on here?” The ITV daytime presenter questioned.

Royal expert Russell Myers explained: “Rumours started filtering down that Prince Andrew was going to get in the car with her and travel from Windsor.

“I don’t think anyone thought that was too out of the ordinary because they live pretty much next door to each other on the Windsor Estate.

“However, when they got to the Abbey and he was walking her into the church essentially, I think there were a lot of eyebrows raised,” he remarked.

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