'No more spare tyre!' Woman, 53, sheds 1.5st and relieved menopause symptoms with diet

“When I looked in the mirror, I saw an ageing, tired, overweight woman who had lost her way,” she added. “But not only did I want to shift the fat that was creeping up and up, including on my face, I was also really curious as to what lay beneath the surface and I felt really curious to discover just how physically in shape my body could actually become with the right guidance. 

“For someone in her fifties, I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride. But I knew I had to take action and once I had signed up, I was fully committed and determined to stick with it and do whatever it took to change into the best possible, healthier version of myself. 

“Mark was so supportive, always checking in with me and discussing my progress. He kept me accountable and kept me going when things got tough!”

As for why Joanna choose Ultimate Performance, she said: “I was looking for a high-end personal training experience that would be truly bespoke and one that I felt would make certain I got real with myself in terms of improving my health and physical fitness. 

“Their past client successes are seriously awesome, and I also liked that they offered a ‘by-appointment’ approach to training at Kensington, which in terms of practicalities meant the gym is never overcrowded and the weight machines and equipment are readily available to use at all times.” 

In terms of menopause, Joanna explained the challenges she faced, and how weight training helped with her symptoms. 

“Nothing can truly prepare a woman for menopause, in my opinion,” she said. “I found the symptoms I had really challenging, and completely overwhelming at times, trying to ‘function as usual’ whilst feeling so low and distracted, and walking around on automatic pilot most days. 

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