‘No ordinary size bag will do’ Queen’s everyday handbag items laid bare, by expert

Royal watchers have forever sought to discover what hides in the Queen’s handbag as she is hardly ever seen without one. However, a royal expert has lifted the lid on the bag’s hidden contents.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told Fabulous Digital the bag contains an array of good luck charms and a few heartfelt items dedicated to her family.

According to Mr Dampier the bag holds family photos, crosswords from the papers, and a metal case given to her by Prince Philip as a wedding gift.

He said: “She carries it inside because it has things she needs like her reading glasses and fountain pen.

“There are long corridors in the palace so she likes to have it all there.”

He added: “Add in a mirror, diary and address book, sunglasses, reading glasses, and, like any good Girl Scout, a penknife, and it is obvious why no ordinary size bag will do.

He added that she probably carries around her iPhone in the bag too, which she may use to take photos when in the countryside at Balmoral.

In 2016, Mr Dampier told Hello the monarch also packs “treats for her much-loved corgis” and “a small camera”.

He said the camera is used by the Queen “to take pictures of visiting presidents and other VIPs”, whereas the practicality of the penknife is a “throwback to her days as a girl guide”.

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It was at one point revealed that the Queen’s handbag is used as a code within the Royal circles.

A royal historian once told People: “It would be very worrying if you were talking to the Queen and saw the handbag move from one hand to the other.”

The gesture is reportedly a sign that the Queen is tired of a conversation and would like to move on, meaning her aides will quickly whisk her away.

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