‘No streaks are left behind’: Mrs Hinch fans’ ‘old school’ method for cleaning windows

Angela Vanezi Ioannou replied: “I use Mr Muscle window cleaner with a mircrofibre cloth and then newspaper to buff.”

Laura Lou commented: “Method Glass Cleaner and a Minky window cloth.

“Or old school like my grandma taught me – white vinegar in water or white vinegar spray and polish with a newspaper – works wonders.”

Hellen Stevens replied: “White vinegar spray and newspaper.

“Tried it for the first time recently on my streaky, smeary windows and it was a game changer!”

Hayley Grant said: “I use a window cleaning spray from Sainsbury’s.

“Clean with a jay cloth then buff with newspaper – brings them up really shiny.”

Wendy Green wrote: “Fairy Liquid with some vinegar, wipe/ rub as required.

“Squeegee it and buff with newspaper where required.”

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans included using a Karcher window vac, Fairy Liquid and black tea.

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