North Korea set to test ballistic missile days before Biden's Asia trip sparking war fears

The 46th President jets off to South Korea on Thursday and will meet with the head of state Yoon Suk Yeol. Mr Yoon is seen as a hardliner on issues involving his compatriots’ North Korean neighbours

Following his victory in the 2022 election, in which Yoon won the poll by just a few hundred thousand votes, he said: “I will sternly respond to North Korea’s illegal and unreasonable acts according to principles but always leave the door open for South-North dialogue.”

And now North Korea appears to be preparing for a possible intercontinental ballistic missile test.

The test launch is expected to take place within the next 48 to 96 hours, while the POTUS prepares to jet off to Asia, according to CNN.

An official told CNN: “The things we have noticed in the past for a launch are the things we are noticing now.”

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The launch site under satellite observation is located near the North Korean capital.

The official, who is said to be familiar with the latest intelligence assessment, did not provide further details about the current imagery.

Mr Biden will travel to Japan on Sunday after meeting with Mr Yoon.

During his visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, he will meet with the leaders of Japan, Australia and India.

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Subsequent tests earlier this year are said to have been intended as an evaluation but they did not try to demonstrate the range of the ICBM.

After making those findings public in March, the Pentagon increased surveillance activity in the Yellow Sea and “enhanced readiness” of US missile defences in the region.

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