‘Not a chance!’ Biden’s Made in America nationalism bid will destroy hopes of UK-US trade

The United Kingdom is holding post-Brexit trade talks with the United States in Aberdeen aimed at boosting the two countries’ £200 billion trade partnership. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has faced many roadblocks, including Brexit, to reach an agreement with US President Joe Biden. The president’s financial plan for the US might be yet another obstacle to the UK signing a trade deal with the US, economics correspondent Laurie Laird pointed out. Speaking on GB News, Ms Laird warned: “Look at Joe Biden, he has opened up an office called ‘Made in America’ office.

“He wants to have a lot more procurement brought back to the US.”

The intent of the office is to create a future “made in all of America by all of America’s workers”, according to the White House.

This is part of Joe Biden’s plan to bring back means of production in the US to avoid the supply chain bottlenecks experienced during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On the possibility of the UK signing a trade deal in Aberdeen, Ms Laird reported: “I don’t see it at the moment.

“And in fact, we’re seeing so many other free trading areas talking about nearshoring – bringing the means of production back to domestic headquarters – because of these supply chain bottlenecks that we have seen after Covid.

“We have a lot of big economists saying: this is the end of globalisation.

“How long these days will last is unclear.

“But the sentiment doesn’t seem to be there right now.”

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Mr Johnson was fined £50 for attending his birthday party in June 2020 in Downing Street, when the rest of the country was in lockdown and gatherings were prohibited.

He is the first British Prime Minister to have ever broken the law while in office.

The committee in charge of leading the investigation – the committee of privileges – won’t start its own probe until after the Metropolitan police and civil servant Sue Gray carry out their own.

Boris Johnson repeatedly denied having knowingly misled parliament and added he would lead the Conservative party into the next general election. 

“I have absolutely nothing, frankly, to hide”, he told Sky News. “I want to get on with the job I was elected to do.”

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