'Nothing to do with it!' Kwarteng loses it with GB News host over cancelled energy line

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng spoke with Isabel Webster on GB News about his latest decision to cut an energy line from the UK to France. The British Government has declined planning permission for an electricity line to be linked between France and England, through the English Channel. The rejection of the Aquind energy interconnector line is now under judicial review. Mr Kwarteng ensured that the reason for the cancellation had nothing to do with a Russian investor. Mr Kwarteng made it clear that his latest decision to cancel the link was not due to geopolitical pressures.

Ms Webster said: “I just want to get some reaction to the decision you took yesterday to cancel the energy line under the Channel linking France to the UK.

“Because of the Russian investor involved, is this an indication of the hardening of the line from British Government toward Russia enlight of what’s happening in the Ukraine?”

Mr Kwarteng said: “I’ve got to be very clear about this, it’s got nothing to do.

“A planning decision of that nature has nothing to do with geopolitics or political sentiment, or lobbying or anything of that kind.

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Mr Kwarteng added: “I looked at the evidence, and I made the decision I took purely on planning grounds.

“Purely on the grounds of the environmental protections that they offered and other concerns.

“As you appreciate it’s very likely taken to court and I can’t prejudice any legal process.

“So I’m not going to go further into details about how I took the decision I made.”

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The rejected Tory doner plan made one MP pleased in particular, Penny Mordaunt Trade Minister previously opposed the project.

Ms Mordaunt previously argued for various reasons as to why such a line should not be built, one of which included security threats to the UK rising.

Ms Mordaunt said:  “We won. Thank you to everyone who campaigned against Aquind and its ridiculous proposal that would have damaged our city and it would have damaged the country.

“It shows despite all the odds against us if you stand up for what you believe in and fight for it you can actually change things.”


Interconnector organisation Aquind previously announced that the planned energy installation would benefit the UK by supplying 5 percent energy to England.

A spokesperson commented on Mr Kwarteng’s decision, they said: “We disagree with the decision of the secretary of state, and the rationale behind it.

“We are considering the decision, the grounds for the refusal, and a potential legal challenge (judicial review).

“We believe our application for a development consent order to be accurate and robust, and it has met all the requirements.

“We will continue the development of Aquind Interconnector, and we will be engaging with the relevant parties in the coming weeks.”

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