Novak Djokovic opens up on almost switching nations to join Andy Murray for Great Britain

But he was blocked from playing for the GB Davis Cup team because of a new rule which prevented players from representing more than one country. Bedene played for Slovenia between 2010-12 and returned to play for the country of his birth in 2018.

Asked about the new, stricter ITF rules, Djokovic said: “I don’t really have a clear stance on that, because on one hand, I like to see a player stay and play for his country obviously, but at the same time I can’t judge somebody willing to move to another country, because there are different reasons and elements that affect that.

“It’s not only financial. It’s family, lifestyle, it’s God knows what. There are many, many different reasons. So if a player decides to do that, then of course he or she should have that opportunity.

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