Novak Djokovic promises explosive tell-all statement in 10 days after Australia nightmare

“You represent our country on the biggest stage. Thank you for the great fight you put up in Australia.”

He added: “Novak and I spoke the first morning, I told him, ‘Come, Novak, come back. What are you doing there, come to Serbia’.

“He showed how much he wants to prove himself as an athlete. When Medvedev said that they killed the boy in him… some tried to kill the hearts of boys and girls in this country.

“My plea to you… We all hope you will overtake Nadal and Federer. We didn’t know who to support in the final, we supported Medvedev a bit, but you have been the best for years and years, no one will be able to overtake that.

“We are ready as a state to help the future of tennis. We will not have Djokovic in 20-30 years, but some new children should defend the flag. Thank you for always standing with Serbia.”

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