October horoscope: New month requires ‘effort’ – what’s in store for each star sign?


“No one feels the full moon quite like you, and October’s full moon on the 9th of October, happens to be in Aries,” she said. “You are ruled by the moon, and are therefore peaceful and dreamy. 

“Aries is neither peaceful nor dreamy, and you’ll feel like your full moon has been hijacked by hippies. 

“I feel that your distaste for shouting will be tested, as you will witness many arguments and disagreements within the family.”


“Even though you have a reputation for being proud, based mostly on truths, you also have a very selfless side to your personality,” Inbaal explained. “This month, it’s your charitable nature that gets to shine. 

“With your ruler, the Sun in peace-loving Libra until the 22nd, you’ll be feeling calm and happy to rest. 

“Then, the Sun moves to quiet Scorpio, and you find yourself just as powerful as always, but not letting anyone hear too much about it.”


“Happy as you were for Virgo season last month, you’re also happy it is over,” the expert continued. “You enjoy all the festivities, but really, a month is long enough for you and you’re happy to pass the crown to someone else. 

“For the first 10 days of the month, your ruling planet, Mercury is in your sign, which means that things are going your way, and people are seeing your side of the story. 

“Only the 1st of the month is a little off, as Mercury is still in retrograde, so haters make themselves known, too.”

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