Olympian shares which fundamental exercise will improve your life – not 'complicated'

“We tend to see young boys involved in strength training, but not young girls. And then from a gym perspective, because it’s traditionally a male dominated environment, women can certainly feel like they don’t belong there.”

Greg hopes to open up the conversation surrounding female strength training and offer his top tips.

Busting the myth that strength equals bulk, Greg assured women: “There’s a dogma that says when you lift weights you will get large, but it’s absolutely untrue.”

Strength training doesn’t have to mean dumbbells and barbells: “When we talk about strength training, really what we’re talking about is resistance training, and resistance doesn’t require any weights or any expensive equipment, all it requires is modifying the movement to increase resistance.”

He continued: “Traditional things like squats, press ups and burpees are all fantastic resistance training which involves strength.”

These exercises can be done from the comfort of the home, but for those who want to venture outside, Greg advised that walking uphill or walking whilst wearing a rucksack can produce equally incredible results.

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