‘Other factors!’ Richard Madeley hits out at Femi Oluwole as he blames Brexit AGAIN

The discussion on Good Morning Britain came after MP Rachel Maclean said people should work longer to deal with the cost of living crisis. ITV hosts Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid invited activist Femi, who was opposed to the idea, and broadcaster Sophie Corcoran, who agreed with the MP, on to the show to share their thoughts.

However, the interview took a turn when Richard suggested to Femi that Brexit couldn’t be blamed for the economy.

Femi explained getting another job is not an option for everyone, as he told the hosts: “The issue isn’t that she was giving advice.

“The issue is because Jacqueline Rowe, the anti-Brexit, anti-poverty campaigner, they’ve made a lot of advice as to how people can cope with this cost of living crisis.

“The issue isn’t the advice, the issue is if I was your mate and I and I gave you advice about how to budget better, that’s advice.”

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He continued: “If I owed you £1,000 and I was refusing to pay it and then said you need to budget better, that’s a rubbish move for me on my part.

“The government is the reason why things are as bad as they are. They’re the reason the people that cut the benefits and the people that have chosen to tax…”

Richard went on to interrupt: “There are other factors, like what’s happening in Ukraine.”

More to follow…

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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