Oven cleaning hacks: The 2-minute trick you probably didn't know about to save time

How to clean an oven with a latched door

Before diving into the unlatching oven door, begin by opening the door all the way and leaving it to hang at its lowest point.

Opening the door exposes the metal hinges to the rest of the oven and is the same across all latched versions of this essential appliance.

With the door wide open, you can safely reach for the latches which are locking the hinges in place.

Flip the latches

Look for the latches along the sides of the door – they are often positioned directly on the hinges.

Locate the small metal piece on each hinge and push it down as far as it will go.

There are two key things to remember when flipping the latches:

  • If the latches are in a down position when you open the door, you might need to flip the latch up to unlock it
  • If the latch is stuck, use a screwdriver to gently push it open

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