Ozark season 4: Hidden meaning in Byrdes' car crash opening exposes as boss speaks out

Netflix’s hit crime series Ozark made an explosive return to the network with multiple scenes which left fans in shock. In particular, viewers couldn’t get past the unexpected car crash scene and thankfully the showrunner Chris Mundy exposed the hidden meaning behind the jaw-dropping clip.

Major spoilers for season four.

After nearly two years of waiting, fans were overjoyed to see Ozark make its comeback with part one of its final seasons.

Although the cast dropped hints ahead of its release, viewers were worried about the fate of the Byrde family and its first episode only elevated their concerns.

During the episode, viewers watched in shock as the Bryde family were wiped off the road by a semi-trailer truck, which happened to be driving down the wrong lane.

While the family were seemingly happy, with Marty Byrde (played by Jason Bateman) driving in good spirits the crash left the family in a ditch upside down, with no clues about their fate.

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However, the crash didn’t happen in real-time, so fans didn’t find out right away if Marty and his family survived.

Instead, it appeared to be a flash-forward of the final season and perhaps a clue to how things will ultimately end for the money-laundering family.

In an interview with TV Line, Chris Mundy revealed the hidden meaning behind the unexpected scene.

The showrunner stated: “There’s a feeling on our show all the time where anything can happen at any time, and I like that unease.

Season four episode one also revealed the terms Omar Navarro (Felix Solis) had stated for the Byrde family to be free of their duties to him.

While audiences were shocked by the scene of the crash, Marty and Wendy were shocked when Omar revealed he no longer wanted to be head of the cartel.

Despite being responsible for the death of thousands and for the distribution of drugs on the streets he wanted to be free and live a happy life with his family.

Omar wanted to cut a deal with the FBI who wanted to desperately put him behind bars, and he asked the couple to facilitate the deal in exchange for their freedom.

The kingpin asked for two things in particular, the freedom to travel between America and Mexico as well as the freedom from prosecution.

Although Wendy laughed and stated it would be impossible, they brought it up to Agent Maya Miller (Jessica Dukes) and although she was astounded by the audacity, she stated he would need to provide the FBI with something valuable.

While it appears as though the family could put their differences aside and come together as a family for their freedom, Mundy hinted: “It’s going to be a mess.”

With the upcoming second part, yet to be released he teased: “Things seem fine even though they’re really not fine.

Ozark season 4 part one is available to stream on Netflix

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