‘Pandemonium’ Cruise crew share wild stories from holidays – ‘Abandon ship’

Cruise crew work extremely hard to make sure guests have a fantastic holiday. Due to their unpredictable job they normally have some wild stories.

While crew stories often involve guests causing mayhem, sometimes it’s the staff themselves causing mischief.

One former crew member said: “A DJ got drunk and got on the ship’s intercom at 3am and announced an ‘abandon ship’ order to everyone.

“Pandemonium ensued. They now limit who has access to that system. The captain got on and tried to calm people down.

“A lot of people chose to sleep on the lido deck that night with their life jackets. The DJ was thrown into the brig and met on shore by the authorities.”

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An ‘abandon ship’ announcement in the middle of the night is likely to cause widespread panic, so it’s unlikely that DJ will be invited back onboard.

Another crew member said: “An outside contractor was on board to perform piping installations.

“He had a little too much to drink at the crew bar, then had way too much in his cabin.

“Decided it would be a grand idea to head to an upper deck at 2am, climb over the side and climb from balcony to balcony.


They said: “We had a cabin attendant on our first cruise tell us how his family were being held hostage.

“He said he needed tips to pay off the people and would leave extra tip envelopes every day on our beds.

“Every day he would update us on what the kidnappers were telling him and made us promise not to tell anyone because he could get fired.

“I knew he was scamming but I still tipped because I was going to anyway. I felt bad, he was obviously hard up to do that.

“My mum was a sad wreck the whole week worrying about his family. My mum was quite naive.”

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