Partygate crisis: How much was Boris Johnson fined? 'Unprecedented'

However, the calculations aren’t straightforward as Mr Johnson has been accused of attending parties under different periods of law.

Of the five remaining parties police are investigating Mr Johnson’s attendance at, one is reported to have taken place before September 2020, and four were after that date.

For the one party before September 2020, the fine would be £200 for a second offence, £400 for a third, £800 for a fourth, £1,600 for a fifth, and £3,200 for a sixth.

For the four parties after September 2020, the fine amounts to £400 for a second offence, then £800 for a third and continues to double before reaching the £6,400 price cap.

So, he could be fined £400 for a second offence in November; but then another £400 for a third offence in May, before jumping up to £1,600 for a fourth offence in December.

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