Passports: The 10 countries with the 'best value' passports – from travel freedoms to cost

Around the world, not all passports are equal, based on how freely they allow citizens to travel and how much they cost to renew. In fact, some countries allow for more freedom of movement than others, including visa-free travel and even the right to live and work overseas.

People who want to travel can be restricted by which passport they hold.

Furthermore, the ease to obtain a passport for legal citizens varies depending on where you are.

The cost to renew a passport in the UK, for example, is £75.50 when you apply online – but in other nations, this cost is much lower.

As a result, according to experts from ParkSleepFly, some passports offer a “better value for money” than others based on their cost to renew and the pens each travel document offers.

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In their analysis, the experts explained: “Taking both the ‘power’ of a passport in terms of the number of countries you can visit, as well as the cost to buy one, we’ve revealed the world’s best value for money passports.”

They added: “Note that countries for which reliable data was not available were omitted.”

The world’s best value for money valuable passports

1 United Arab Emirates – cost to renew: approximately £10.35

2 Sweden – cost to renew: approximately £32.28

3 South Korea – cost to renew: approximately £33.21

4 Spain – cost to renew: approximately £24.91

5 Luxembourg – cost to renew: approximately £41.52

6 Hungary – cost to renew: approximately £30.88

7 Slovakia – cost to renew: approximately £27.41

8 Austria – cost to renew: approximately £63.03

9 Latvia – cost to renew: approximately £24.91

10 Germany – cost to renew: approximately £67.27

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The experts deemed the United Arab Emirates the country with the “best value for money” passport based on its ease of mobility for citizens and cost of renewal.

A spokesperson for ParkSleepFly said: “Not only does an Emirati passport give its holder the greatest freedom, able to travel to 110 countries visa-free and a further 52 with a visa on arrival, but it’s also the cheapest passport to obtain, costing just 50 dirham, which is equivalent to around $13.61 (£10.35).

“The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation stated in 2017 that it wanted the UAE’s passport to be one of the strongest in the world by 2021 and it seems that they achieved this aim.”

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Sweden took the second place in the analysis, with a “relatively affordable” cost of renewal alongside its European Union visa-free travel.

The spokesperson said: “Sweden is, of course, part of the European Union, as well as the Nordic Passport Union, and Swedish nationals can enter 115 countries visa-free, more than any other country, and a further 44 with a visa on arrival.”

South Korea came in third place, with citizens having to pay £33.21 in order to renew their travel documents.

The spokesperson said: “A South Korean passport has a mobility score of 158, just one less than Sweden, due to the fact that its holders get visa-free access to 114 countries, as opposed to 115.”

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