‘Peak time of day’ to water your garden plants – ‘helps your plants survive’ summer

“For example, fig trees like to dry out between watering, but tomato plants need to be kept consistently, evenly moist.”

There is no rule of thumb, so identifying and learning about your plant is the first step to ensuring a happy garden.

“But in general, drooping leaves even in cool morning or evening temperatures are not a good sign, and neither is dry, crumbly soil,” says Camille.

She added: “With certain succulents, which store water in their plump leaves, if those leaves are no longer smooth and glossy but beginning to wrinkle, that’s a sign they need water. 

“Dig down a bit into the soil – sometimes the surface will be moist, but an inch below, it’s dry. 

“It’s actually better to water deeply a few times per week than it is to do shallow watering daily.”

Finally, dry, crisp brown leaf tips are a sure sign of underwatering, “but an overwatered plant will have similarly discoloured and wilted leaves,” adds Camille, “but not the same crisp feeling. They turn yellow or brown and remain flexible and even soggy.”

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