Peaky Blinders: Tommy Shelby's death confirmed in Ruby's vision of man 'with green eyes'?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Peaky Blinders season six, episode one.

Four years after his attempt to assassinate Oswald Mosley (played by Sam Claflin) went awry, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) was in Canada trying to broker a new deal as the Prohibition in America came to an end. He then travelled to Boston to confront his cousin Michael’s (Finn Cole) wife Gina Gray (Anya Taylor-Joy) to get her to convince her mysterious Uncle Jack to forge an alliance with him. Tommy just had a few more errands to run in Boston before reuniting with wife Lizze (Natasha O’Keeffe) and their children. However, a worrying call from Lizzie led to Tommy rushing home to his daughter Ruby.

Lizzie explained to her husband they couldn’t board the ship to Canada as Ruby had a temperature and cough.

At first the businessman wasn’t too worried but when Lizzie recalled some of the gypsy words Ruby had been muttering, he panicked.

Tommy became even more erratic when Lizzie explained the young girl had visions of a man with “green eyes”.

Ruby had been saying “Tickner Maura, O’beng,” which in Romani hints at a danger.

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“Ticker” refers to a little girl or daughter, which in this case is likely to be Ruby who is having premonitions.

Meanwhile “beng” refers to a supernatural being or the devil and “maura” translates to friend.

It’s therefore unsurprising Tommy was panicked when he heard his daughter was calling out to the devil.

He immediately demanded Lizzie to get Johnny Dog’s wife Esmeralda to put a black madonna around Ruby’s neck to ward off any evil.

Michael certainly has a number of reasons to kill Tommy with the most prominent being he blames the businessman for his mother’s death.

At the start of the episode, Michael promised Aunt Polly he would take revenge on Tommy as he watched her caravan go up in flames.

Michael is currently in prison in Boston for smuggling opium into America but that doesn’t mean he won’t escape to exact revenge on Tommy.

It’s worth noting after Tommy heard about Ruby’s vision, he spoke to Aunt Polly declaring he was “trying to get out”.

He told his late Aunt: “They know Pol, they know I’m trying to get out.”

Who knows about Tommy’s plan to leave his life of crime behind and start anew on the west coast of America with his family?

And, will they even make it? If Ruby dies, there will be no stoping Tommy as he will seek to destroy everyone who has taken his daughter and the ones he loves from him.

Peaky Blinders continues Sunday on BBC One at 9pm.

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