‘People dying needlessly’ due to SNP mishandling of Scottish NHS slams Tory MSP

Craig Hoy, the shadow health minister and Conservative MSP for South Scotland said his party have “repeatedly” called on Health Minister Humza Yousaf to “get a grip” of the ongoing NHS crisis north of the border but to no avail. Mr Hoy said the Scottish health service has now been run into the ground through mishandling by the SNP, leading to record ambulance wait times, a drought of hospital beds and a drug and alcohol death crisis which is now the biggest in western Europe.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Mr Hoy noted: “We have called on him [Mr Yousaf} repeatedly to get a grip of the crisis in our accident and emergency wards.

“We have asked him to get a grip of the mental health crisis in Scotland and to get a grip of the crisis on cancer waiting times and waiting times for key diagnostic testing.

“And he hasn’t done that!”

He branded the £1 billion SNP plan for NHS recovery (launched in August 2021 to improve care and tackle the backlog) as “a flimsy document” which simply has not been “fleshed out” by Mr Yousaf and the SNP.

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He added how “the clock is ticking” because every month that people aren’t being treated their health problems are “growing”.

The Scottish Conservative also noted that capacity issues compounded by increased hospitalisations of patients with Omicron will push people further down the queue for “urgent treatment”. 

Mr Hoy went on to accept Scotland has a crisis in its NHS and that the SNP “hasn’t risen to the challenge” to tackle the chaos and the underlying causes.

He demanded that the SNP come forward with a new “urgent recovery plan” to lay out exactly how they are planning to solve the “fundamental” strains at the heart of Scottish hospitals.

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