‘People want to be offended’ Ricky Gervais hits back as woke brigade slam Netflix special

“I try to remind them that a joke is a joke,” Ricky continued. “It’s not a window to the comedian’s true soul.

“I take any view to make the joke funny. I pretend to be left wing, I pretend to be right wing, I pretend to be clever, I pretend to be stupid, whatever makes the joke its funniest and smart people know that they get it.

“They know when I’m serious, they know when I’m joking, they know when I’m saying the opposite of what I mean, they know when I’m saying exactly what I mean.

“But it’s often when it’s taken out of context or people that weren’t at the show and they see a clip.

“Some people want to be offended, it’s their job, they go through the press and through the TV channels and there’s nothing you can do about that.”

More to follow…

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