Pippa Middleton's 'versatile' wedding tiara enhanced her 'slender physique' – 'unique!'

Pippa Middleton, 38, tied the knot five years ago with James Matthews in 2017. She wore a beautiful Giles Deacon wedding dress, but it was her tiara that stole the show. Who designed it?

Varuna D Jani, the founder of Ruani, India’s favourite jewellery collective, exclusively spoke to Express.co.uk saying: “Pippa Middleton’s tiara was a custom Robinson Pelham tiara, crafted of diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.

“This tiara managed to strike the perfect balance, such that it complimented her facial structure, her body type, her personality and her wedding dress.

“There’s no one size fits all when it comes to jewellery.

“However, a tiara must follow the rule of the quarter, such that it must be no larger in height than a quarter of the face.

“Pippa’s tiara was made just for her in proportions and in its design.

“The delicate maidenhair fern motifs enhanced the understated elegance of her wedding gown, as also her slender physique and graceful features.”

Will Pippa ever wear the tiara again?

The expert added: “Any customised piece of jewellery must enhance the wearer and put the spotlight on her, rather than call attention to itself.


“After all, every woman is special.”

James Sanders, the founder of the London diamond boutique, London Diamonds, who creates one percent of all engagement rings in the UK, also spoke to Express.co.uk to discuss Pippa’s wedding tiara.

He said: “I feel Pippa just personifies how a lot of people feel today – perhaps it’s a reaction to a tough couple of years and maybe the YOLO mentality.

“But we are seeing people just choosing to enjoy themselves regardless of convention.

“Pieces that might previously have been locked away in a safe or cupboard gathering dust are seeing the light of day more often.

“In this case, I see Pippa just wanting to take the opportunity and enjoying herself with creative license.

“This was a Robinson Pelham tiara.

“People, if they want to, can create truly special and unique pieces of jewellery.

“They are definitely for wearing and not storing!”

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