'Playtime over' Ferrari demands Patel and Truss ousted to get 'grown-ups' deal with Russia

Radio host Nick Ferrari claimed both the Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary had shown they are not suitable to lead Britain’s efforts to help Ukraine. The well-known radio host criticised both women’s actions and asked them to step aside from their job roles and let real “grown-ups” take over. Priti Patel has been facing criticism over her management of the Ukrainian refugee scheme while Liz Truss sparked the ires of the military after saying she supported Britons volunteering to fight against Russia.

The LBC presenter said: “So this is the situation, Europe is on the brink of war.

“We have a Home Secretary who doesn’t know the difference between Calais and Lille and says a station is open when it’s not.

“We have a Foreign Secretary who just a few weeks ago, said yes go off to Ukraine if you want to fight.

“And when challenged about that, said no don’t go, claims she didn’t even say it in the first place.”


Mr Ferarri added: “Ok playtime is over, off you go! You’re not up to it, get them both out and get in some grown-ups.

“Why should we have to live with this incompetence, as we watch mothers and babies being shelled and losing their lives, why?”

Calls for the current system of seeking asylum to be changed have been piling up over the past week as more than two million Ukrainians were forced to flee.

Refugees have been turned away once they reached Calais as there have been claims that many cannot find places to fill out visa forms, in order to gain access to the UK.

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Home Secretary Priti Patel has been facing backlash for only accepting a handful of refugees so far.

Ms Patel said: “We have created additional capacity in all locations at pace, in anticipation of the invasion of Ukraine. This includes a pop-up Visa Application Centre in Rzeszow in Poland, which has provided a total capacity currently of well over 3,000 appointments per week.

“Our contingency plans have been enacted now and they are expected further to increase total capacity to 6,000 appointments a week, starting this week.

“By contrast, demand across these locations is usually approximately 890 biometric appointments per week.

“There remains availability for appointments and walk-ins across every location.

Liz Truss has also faced backlash for encouraging Brits to go to join the Foreign Legion militia in Ukraine.

During an interview on BBC One’s Sunday Morning programme, Ms Truss replied “absolutely” when she was asked if she would support any British nationals volunteering to help Ukrainians fight against the Russian army

The Foreign Secretary added: “This is something people can make their own decisions about. The people of Ukraine are fighting for freedom and democracy, not just for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe. 

“Absolutely if people want to support that struggle, I would support them in doing that.” 

There have been numerous reports and interviews from British men who are heading to Ukraine to go and fight Russians since Ms Truss’ comments.

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