Police pull over 135 motorists in two days as part of ‘Operation Vanquish' – how it works

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: “In the last 24 hours as #OpVanquish continues to clamp down on dangerous or criminal use of the roads, our officers have stopped a total of 56 people breaking the law in some way.

“Offences include eight people driving over the legal limit for alcohol or drugs, 17 people driving at excessive speed, 12 people not wearing a seatbelt and four people without a licence or who have been disqualified previously.”

Supt Damian Darcy of Lancashire Police said: “We appreciate that the majority of people are law-abiding and follow the rules but there is still a minority who do not.

“Over this next week we will be proactively targeting those who use the county’s road networks to commit crime, from dangerous driving to bringing drugs into our communities.”

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